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Scorpion Removal Services

Scorpions are found throughout all of Arizona. Any scorpion sting, however, can be serious to anyone that is allergic to insect stings. Our pest control company can help treat your home for scorpion removal and extermination so scorpions don't enter your home.

We recommend calling our scorpion removal services as soon as you notice a scorpion problem. We will come to your home and remove the scorpions from the inside, treat for future preventative measures, and make sure no other insects enter your home by repairing any cracks or holes in the walls. If you have a scorpion infestation that needs immediate attention, call our pest control company today!

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Why hire a professional for scorpion extermination?

If you attempt to treat scorpions on your own, there is a chance that you will miss an area or fail to remove the insects entirely. Since our professional pest control service technicians here at Pest Control Chandler have experience when it comes to treating for scorpion removal and extermination in homes, they can target these areas more efficiently than homeowners.

Scorpion infestations are common in Arizona. Call our pest control company today to schedule scorpion removal and treatment for your home!

Scorpion Extermination Costs

Scorpion extermination and scorpion removal services vary from one pest control company to another. The cost of a scorpion treatment is based on several factors including the size of your home, any prior treatments that have been done, where the infestation is located within your property, and how long you've had an issue with scorpions.

We also offer other types of pest control services. If you are looking to see what other pest control costs are, such as spider removal or any other type of pest, give us a call.


Can scorpions be exterminated?

Yes, but they are very difficult to keep out of houses. Most insecticides may not last long enough to have a long-term impact on scorpions, which is why a recurring treatment is needed. Indoors they move around so much that there would be few predictable places to spray. There is no easy way to keep them out of the house without professional intervention.

How can I reduce seeing scorpions around my home?

To reduce scorpions around a home, eliminate as many piles of items or debris on the ground and keep dense vegetation to a minimum.

Is there a way to see scorpions at night?

All scorpions glow green under black light, so a portable black light can be used outside at night to find where scorpions are harboring.

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