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Bee and Wasp Removal

The best way to remove a wasp nest or bees is to contact a pest control professional from Pest Control Chandler. It may seem like an easy job, but a pest control expert is professionally trained to handle and remove wasp nests in a safe and efficient manner.

If you try to deal with the wasp nest yourself, without knowing what to do and how it should be done, you could get hurt by getting stung. There is no need for that because we take care of the entire process: removing a beehive or wasps' nests and spraying pesticides in tight spaces so these insects can't come back. We also take care of the bee removal and relocate them in a safe environment.

We work on every type of wasps' nests: dry, wet, or abandoned. Some homeowners can't tell whether their infestation is caused by bees or wasps, but either way, you need to contact us. We are professionals who have been doing this for years and we can tell the difference.

bee and wasp removal

We also offer a free inspection and consultation to our customers, so they know what type of wasp infestation it is that needs their attention. We also take care of bee removal for both residential homes and commercial properties such as restaurants. We also make sure that there are no other insects or pests on your property, like rodents and mosquitoes.

Why hire a professional to remove wasp nests or bees?

Here are a few more reasons why it's important to hire a professional to take care of bees and wasps:

  • We use all types of pesticides and chemicals that are approved by our local authorities so we can treat your home without causing any damage to it.
  • We have been doing this for years now and we know what it takes to get rid of wasps.
  • In the case that you don't want to deal with bee removal yourself, or if your home needs a preventative treatment is because these insects tend to return year after year unless they are exterminated properly. That's why our professionals are the best to handle this for you.
  • We offer a free inspection and consultation to our clients so they know what type of bee infestation it is that needs their attention, whether it's caused by bees or wasps.

Wasp Nest & Hornet Removal Cost

Wasp removal is a typically a one-time pest removal cost. Accessibility and size of the nest are the main cost factors.

The most common type of wasp, Vespid - yellow jackets, hornets and paper wasps, present the largest threat to humans. Contact our pest control expert to inspect and identify the type and size of your wasp or bee colony.

Professional Inspection

We always offer to do inspections for free or include it in the cost of removal. Inspections determine the type of wasp and the nest location and size.


Do you offer free wasp or bee removal?

Sometimes you may find a beekeeper or company that collects wasps for medical reasons and may remove the nest for free or for a small travel fee. However, since wasps do not produce honey, free removal is often hard to find. Our professional wasp company does not remove wasps or bees for free. Contact us to determine the cost of wasp nest removal.

What are the dangers of keeping hornets on your property?

There are pros and cons to keeping hornets, wasps, and bees and your property.

Pros: They are pollinators and insect predators. Keeping them around helps control the insect population.

Cons: Not only can they be annoying, but you can risk allergic reactions if stung. Since hornets are larger than most wasps, they carry more venom making the sting incredibly painful and possibly deadly. Consider removal when they build a nest in high-traffic areas since hives can reach 700 or more workers.

When is the best time to call a wasp removal professional?

Call us as soon as you discover a nest in a high-traffic area on your property. Rely on us as your experienced professionals to remove nests located in hard-to-reach areas like attics and in walls or on the eaves of your roof.

Contact Us Today!

We have been doing this for years now and we know how to properly deal with these insects without causing any damage to the customer's property. Please contact us today if you want a professional bee and wasp removal service for your home or office in Chandler and surrounding areas.



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